Studebaker 259 engine specs

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studebaker 259 engine specs

See More Filters. Sort by: Relevance Selected. Show: 30 Results. Timing Components. Distributor and Magneto. Alternators, Generators, and Charging. Engine Mounts and Adapters. Wet Sump Oil System. Dry Sump Oil System.

Engine Service. Cylinder Block Components. Valve Covers and Accessories. Vacuum and Emissions. Camshaft and Valvetrain.Compiled by Skip Lackie from parts books, service letters, and other documentation.

Starting Engine Number. The Vehicle Model and Displacement Prefixes are as follows:. Additional digits preceding the date code indicate an export engine. Catherines, Ontario. Studebaker V8 engine: The Studebaker V8 was developed in-house in by the Studebaker engineering department under the direction of Stanwood W. It was available in different displacements at different times.

Although some running changes were made during the period e. Studebaker Corporation: Had a reputation for being willing to build anything to make a sale.

For example, the engine was not offered in any Studebaker model passenger car. However rumors persist that several such cars were made by special order, and based on some other one-of-a-kind vehicles Studebaker made, they may be true. Packard engine 2. Also used in some Police Marshalls 3. See discussion above of model engine numbering 4.

Reported, but not confirmed 5. Catherines, Ontario 8. Only one R4 built, in a Lark-type General Notes Engine number location: on top, rear end of cylinder block, next to distributor.

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Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.Fact Every muscle car enthusiast knows what an STP sticker looks like. But is there a Studebaker tie-in? Joseph, Misouri. Soon after, Egbert realized the popular oil supplement was best kept as a standalone brand.

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STP, under the leadership of Andy Granatelli was a strong source of profits and positive PR through its many Indy attempts and active support of all facets of professional motor sports. Fact Some think Studebaker died a broke, beaten company. Rather, Studebaker thrived for more than a decade as a closed investment company, a conglomerate corporation with numerous non-automotive divisions.

The diversification was instigated in and funded by the surprise success of the compact Lark and shrewd stock transactions, which created huge cash reserves and tax incentives. When Studebaker terminated automobile production these other entities carried the torch; some successfully, some less so. That same year, the Avanti Motor Company which was not affiliated with Studebaker-Worthington enjoyed its best season to date with cars sold.

The kit is currently offered by Revell. Maybe you built one as a kid, the Renwall now Revell Visible V-8 model kit is not based on the Chevy small-block. Fact What was the rationale for continuing to build Studebakers in Canada?

studebaker 259 engine specs

To put it bluntly, had Studebaker simply slammed the doors shut in Indiana, the remaining 2, dealers 1, in the United States and in Canada would have flooded the company with lawsuits. The plan also avoided further payment into UAW pension funds. There were huge assets to be protected. The Canadian scheme was a means of winding down automotive production in a graceful fashion. Legal, yes. You decide. Approximately 19, Canadian-made Studebakers were imported to the United States in — as corporate automotive activity ground slowly to a halt.

Confusion stirred again in with closure of the South Bend factory. Yes, these were Chevrolet engines built by Mckinnon under license from General Motors and they were installed in all and Studebakers.

Ready for more confusion? In — Studebaker marketed the Chevy-sourced as the Thunderbolt V-8, the same term used to designate powered Ford Fairlanes in What a tangled web we weave! Incidentally, the Canadian plant only handled Commander, Cruiser, and Daytona models.This site is dedicated to all things Studebaker with an emphasis on the Speedster Hardtop Coupe. Post a Comment. Anniversary Presents. Monday, August 3, Breaker Arm Spring Tension: Oz.

Interesting Studebaker Muscle Car Facts

Field Current: 1. G Ser. V 6H-President P Location: 6 and straight 8 - Upper left side of cylinder block. V8 - Top side front of cylinder block. Tire Size In. Developed H.

55 Studebaker 259

Engine Idle 16G6 Champion J7. Posted by stall at PM.

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Studebaker Registries. All About Relays. Studebaker Drivers Club. About Me stall I consider myself a relatively experienced investor. Our nest-egg has increased each year of our retirement in spite of robust spending. Oh, to be sure there were many mistakes made but mistakes are a learning experience for us all. I have no agenda and nothing for sale as we begin this Journey. I faithfully read the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. Everything they say is coached as exciting news yet they are completely prohibited from really advising the investor class.

View my complete profile.Tests were also run with manifolds adapted to the R3-ported heads. Proper 3-tube step headers are currently being fabricated, and Parris has a set of custom zoomies. Parris picked up the Avanti without an engine and, at first, considered building a Hemi — which powered the car for many of its record runs — or a big-block Chevy. The project started with a vintage truck block and bored to 3. The decks were also squared off at The block was also modified to utilize a remote electric water pump, allowing water to enter at the freeze-plug locations.

The stock Studebaker crankshaft was ground for a 3. The team originally ordered Unfortunately the pistons were flat-top and resulted in an compression ratio. But now the engine offers great potential for a supercharger upgrade. Rounding out the short block are Eagle 7-inch connecting rods and Topline rings.

The intake was fabricated from a Mopar single-plane manifold. The custom camshaft carries a. The dry-sump pan is a union of a Chevy bottom and Studebaker rails. The balancer is a modified Ford unit, and the crank trigger came from a Chevy. With the low compression the engine pulled horsepower at 6, rpm on the dyno. Peak torque was lb-ft at 5, rpm. While the helps prep the car, a turbocharged ci Studebaker is being built for Bonneville, and Parris has hopes of breaking one of the records the car still holds from !

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studebaker 259 engine specs

Horsepower delivered to your inbox. Subscribe Now. We'll send you raw engine tech articles, news, features, and videos every week from EngineLabs. We think you might like EngineLabs Thank you for your subscription. No thanks. Late Model LS Vehicles. Drag Racing. Performance Driving.Login or Sign Up. Studebaker V8 Engines in only. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Studebaker V8 Engines in onlyAM.

I was looking up Studebakers in a book about American vehicles and noticed that the only V8 Studebaker offered in was the cubic inch engine, no was available. All Silver Hawks came with a V8 or a six cylinder. I believe was the first year for the OHV six cylinder engine.

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Can anyone offer an insight into way Studebaker would not offer a in ? As a second question I was wondering if the smaller Studebaker V8 would have better "low-end torque" than the and would tolerate higher RPMs.

Tags: None. The OHV six appeared innot There were some engines built for trucks inbut not many. I had a late and an early and they were only some or so serial numbers apart. The story goes that Studebaker was on an economy kick in 59 and almost dumped the Hawk in one of those years close to that. In the old car radio business since Comment Post Cancel.

I know the flathead cu in 6 cyl was available on the larks in The OHV 6 cyl cu in came out in Not to sure about the V8 though so I'm sure someone in the know will reply. Some of the Numbers lacking in Cars for 's were made up by all Trucks! Last edited by StudeRich ;PM. Originally posted by StudeRich View Post. Inthe flat head went back toor Skip Lackie. Originally posted by S2Deluxe View Post. I believe the '55 - '61 flatbread 6s were the cu.

Last edited by Skip Lackie ;PM. Originally posted by Skip Lackie View Post. And as Rich noted, all V8 trucks except Scotsman came with thethough presumably the company would have installed a in one for a special order.

Gary L. Originally posted by herbpcpa View Post. As a second question, I was wondering if the smaller Studebaker V8 would have better "low-end torque" than the and would tolerate higher RPMs.

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I've never had a problem getting anything I needed. Also, check out the Studebaker Drivers Forum.

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The people on that site are the most helpful and knowledgeable I have experienced. I don't know much, but if I can help, let me know. There is plenty of support for Stude V8's. I have two of those 's. ReverboramaOct 26, Good little engines. StudeguyOct 26, Be prepared to answer a lot of what the hell is that questions.

studebaker 259 engine specs

Which is exactly why I bought this one. Only the people that have owned Studes will be able to identify it. They are not high winders but put out a lot of low end torgue. I put a T-5 behind mine and it's fun to drive.

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