20mm vs 30mm cannon

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20mm vs 30mm cannon

Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter DogFather Start date Nov 30, DogFather Airman Nov 30, P had 6 x. Looks like they tended to have more.

While, many Axis aircraft had 20 mm cannons. Besides the Axis goal of shooting down bombers, why did German and Japanese planes tend to have 20 mm cannons? I realize our fighters were designed to help protect bombers, so they were just shooting down fighters. Seems like a enemy armed plane with 20 mm cannons, would have better range, and could hit a US plane, before the US plane could fire.

The 20 mm had less ammo capacity, that is I'm sure a factor. I would think a fighter pilot would like to have both if possible, so he could take a longer range shot if he got the chance. What were some of the other pros and cons, of these two different weapons? Nov 30, The U. Of the.

20mm vs 30mm cannon

Given the numbers of stockpiled Vickers, the acceptance of a new gun in the numbers required was a heavy financial and manufacturing commitment. During the Hispano gun is experimental and confirmed details about its performance are hard to establish. The 0. A trial on the ground of eight. Seems the Japanese and Germans were more than happy to test experimental technologies in front line squadrons, it paid off as it turned out.

The Americans were happy to go with a "little tested" gun, but first fitments were always alongside 0.With Czech cartridges, rounds are packed in a wooden box, separated in 3 Zinc containers, the box weights 60kg.

With Soviet and Polish cartridges, rounds are packed in a wooden box, separated in 3 Zinc containers. Ammunition has been manufactured by Russia, Czechoslovakia and Poland. A white band is painted on the shell to indicate not to mix them up with older rounds. Projectiles can also be idetified by their not so much ogive shape and their larger fuzes. The aluminum nosepiece is screwed on the body and contains an incendiary mixture.

30 mm caliber

The hard steel core weights 67,5g and is 59,7mm long. The steel lacquered cases use the KV No. For Navy use, 63 cartridges are separated in three metal boxes and those are packed in a wooden box. This box has the caliber, type of bullet, Lot. Ammunition is manufactured by Egypt, Iran, Russia and Yugoslavia. Contrary to Western high performance automatic cannons, that use multiple barrels and an external power source Gartling type gunsthe Rikhter cannon operates only by the power produced from its ammunition.

The gun uses a single barrel and a revolving cylinder with four cartridge chambers. These chambers are loaded from the front and underside of the cannon. Cases have no extractor groove and are ejected by the gas pressure as well. Sadly, I do not know so far, exactly how cartridges are fed and how the operating cycle of the gun works. Although the gun has a great performance, it reportedly saw very little use, and also no other guns of this design have been approved for actual service.

Current Russian ammunition catalogues do not list this caliber, although other sensitive technical details on ammunition are freely provided, so this caliber may no longer be in Russian service.

The R cannon was used as a tail cannon in the TU high altitude reconnaissance bombers and the first time it was examined was when one of these bombers of the Lybian air force was shot down over the African nation of Chad in by a French AA battery. Although many other calibers of the Rikhter design are known, no other weapons other than the 23mm P have yet to be examined by western engineers. However, one source on the Internet says something about the armament of the TU Naval attack bomber: "Remotly controlled rear firing cannon DK with R cannon and Unbelievably, these cartridges have been secret for over 30 years!

The cartridges consist of a galvanized steel tube with a solid and conical base that holds the primer. The projectile is entirely contained in this case and fixed with a heavy crimp.

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The cartridge case is filled with single base nitrocellulose propellant. The 23mm R cartridge shown below uses a conventional 23mm HEI projectile and an electrical primer-screw. A piece of lead wire is fixed to the base of the projectile with red tape.

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The designation "R" means "Rikhter 23mm" and designates the caliber of the projectile, not the outer diameter of the cartridge case. Cartridges are single packaged in cardboard tubes and 50 of those are packed in a wooden box measuring xxmm, weighting 44kg.

Ammunition is manufactured by Russia and Yugoslavia. The brass cartridge cases are fitted with a V percussion primer. The older UOZR round, taken with only minor changes at the lower driving band from the earlier M AAA gun, uses three copper driving bands, with the last driving band located inside the case.

Later shells have only two driving bands, and the lower is still located inside the case. Ammunition is manufactured by China, Poland and Russia, Poland manufactured lacquered steel cases as well.Forums New posts Search forums.

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20 mm caliber

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter claidemore Start date Jul 7, Jul 7, How did the various 20mm weapons compare, and how did their various ammo types perform? Any thoughts or opinions? Or we could all just own up to the fact that the Hispano was the be all and end all of 20mm cannon and be done with it!

Jabberwocky Staff Sergeant. Jul 8, Anything heavier and the MK is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for those links Jabberwocky lots to read and absorb. First impression is how good the Soviet guns were. Shortround6 Brigadier General. Thanks for putting all those links in one spot Jabberwocky.

I would add that ammo changed during the war and that affected the performance of guns at various times.

20mm vs Aluminium Blocks

Tante Ju Banned. Best gun only gun.

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Soviet B cannon. Very light, great ballistic, great cyclic rate. Like Mauser cannon, developed from actually heavy caliber machine gun Berezhin. However if best gun is considered with ammunition, best gun is Mauser Rate of fire, velocity - almost similiar to Berezhin 20, but heavier. However, German Mine shell was better than Soviet shell, or British shell.

Both latter are only fraction of explosive capacity because they are drilled, Mauser is drawn type shell. More space. British shell, early type also had serious problems. Sometimes explodes in own aircraft near, but on only skin of enemy aircraft, making less damage than possible if explosive in structure occurs. So hit from Mauser was many times destructive than these. Hispano - not very suited.InHughes Helicopters began a company-funded research effort to design a single machine gun to fire the U.

Army's M50 20 mm round. The M is mounted on the chin turret. The practical rate of fire is about rounds per minute with a minute cooling period as the gun is air cooled. Spent casings are ejected overboard through the bottom of the gun.

The mount on the AH uses secondary hydraulics to move the gun. Elevation is provided via a single hydraulic actuator located on the gun's centerline just forward of the pivot point. The gun is spring-loaded to return to its centerline stowed position with the barrel angled up about eleven degrees in the event of a loss of hydraulic power.

This allows the gun, which is mounted below the copilot station, to collapse cleanly into its designed space between the pilot stations in the event of a hard landing. This prevents the gun from entering the pilots stations and becoming a hazard.

The Apache is capable of carrying up to 1, rounds for the gun in a device known as the PAK, designed and manufactured by Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc. The AHA requires specialized ground support equipment for loading. The M rounds can be distinguished by the blue band near the nose, the M by a yellow stripe atop a black band and the M a red stripe atop a yellow band. The Apache's ability to provide accurate air support with minimal collateral damage led to increased use and volume demands for M ammunition.

The M is typically used in the M Each round contains Additionally, the shell is also designed to fragment upon impact. The chain gun can be installed in an enclosed turret on patrol boats and ground vehicles.

Navyutilizes a remotely operated MLF in an open mount. The addition of the Army's light reconnaissance vehicle LRV role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Chain gun. United States Patent and Trademark Office.The barrel is chromium-plated for extended life. Although the United States Air Force selected this cannon to replace the 25 mm and 40 mm guns on its fleet of ACU gunships inthis plan was later canceled.

Some United States Navy vessels, such as the new San Antonio -class amphibious transport dock are armed with the Bushmaster II for surface threat defense.

On 11 Augustthe effort was canceled because of problems with the Bushmaster's accuracy in tests "at the altitude we were employing it. The U. The GWS is produced by General Dynamics to give warships protection against small, high-speed surface craft. The guns fire at rounds per minute and are fed by a round magazine through round dual feeds.

The Mk 46 GWS is permanently installed on the San Antonio -class amphibious transport dock and can be installed on Freedom and Independence -class littoral combat ships as part of the surface warfare SuW package. Since the modules feature dual feeders, different types of rounds could be fed for different targets.

Improvements include a 2. As of Novemberthe XM was being tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground over three months to ensure reliability levels of 40, mean rounds between failures. The gun was mounted on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and fired at targets up to 1, metres 0. An enhanced fire control system improves long-range accuracy to kill targets with fewer bursts, sometimes as few as two or three rounds instead of Two capabilities not demonstrated were its linkless ammunition with airburst capabilities; airburst rounds increase lethality by enabling engagement of targets in defilade when they would otherwise only be suppressed by fire.

In earlythe U.

20mm vs 30mm cannon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the 30 mm chain gun. Type of Chain gun autocannon. ACU with a trial installation of two Mk 44 weapons. Archived from the original on 28 September Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 14 June Archived from the original on 11 August Retrieved 11 August Archived from the original on 2 July Retrieved 19 April Jane's Archived from the original PDF on 19 July Retrieved 8 December Defense Visual Information Distribution Service.

Archived from the original on 26 April Retrieved 29 October There is a reason why a prime lens is called so.

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We will look at what makes a prime lenswhat the differences are between a 35mm vs 50mm lens, and why you need at least one of them. If you do own a prime lens, then you know how amazing they are. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links.

If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little bit of money. Need more info? See how it all works here. When we talk about lenses, we look at two things. We also use words such as prime, standard, telephoto and zoom to describe our lenses. As you can see, we missed out zoom lenses and prime lenses.

This is because all of the above lenses come in two forms, either as a zoom or a prime version. A zoom lets you use a variable focal length.

A prime lens has a fixed focal length. There are benefits and downsides to owning zoom and prime lenses. It all comes down to what you are photographing. For more information on the types of lenses that are available, read our article here. Prime lenses tend to be heavier, faster, sharper with a higher level of resolution.

They are the perfect partner for low-light conditions and a shallow depth of field due to their fast apertures. With zoom lenses you can quickly change from a wide angle to a telephoto lens with just a flick of the wrist. A 35mm prime lens has a focal length of 35 mm, which gives you a field of view of This is a great travel companion, as you get to see more of the scene. Having a wider field of view allows you to get closer to your subject, without having to sit on them.

It also allows you to keep a somewhat safe distance, allowing candid moments to happen, and subsequently captured.

This lens is great in tight spots, as the wide angle will capture those details just to the side of the main focal area. In terms of compositionthe 35 mm lens is the closest to the focal component of the human eye.

We are immediately used to it as we effectively use a 35 mm every day, all day.

Rheinmetall's family of medium calibre cannons

This lens is versatile, letting you capture close-ups and landscapes with no problem at all. It lets you be part of the scene and interact more with your subject. The distortion is a little bit more aggressive.The Rheinmetall Group uses cookies saved to your device in order to optimise and continuously improve its websites, as well as for statistical purposes. For further information please refer to our imprint and our privacy policy. You can close this banner and object to the use of cookies by clicking on the "X".

Please note that a single cookie still needs to be placed on your device to save your selection. If you would like to ban cookies in general, you must do this in your browser settings. Rheinmetall continues to build on their legacy, developing and manufacturing automatic cannons featuring exceptional firepower, precision and reliability. Rheinmetall is proud to present its current family of medium-calibre cannons in the 20mm to 35mm calibre range.

Designed to retain their firepower, precision and reliability even under extreme environmental conditions, they have excellent mass-to-performance ratios, compact designs, long service lives and reduced recoil forces — to name just a few of the factors that make our cannons the ideal solution for ground, naval and air applications.

They are designed with the user in mind. The KAE is the ideal cannon for modern remote weapon stations.

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It is based on the proven and widely used KAA design, and incorporates an electrical trigger device and a cannon control unit. This is an exceptionally rugged weapon, insensitive to cold weather, sludge or water and can be fieldstripped without special tools. The KBA is used for ground-based air defence, naval surface combatant and armoured fighting vehicle applications. It features a high rate of fire and an instantaneous ammunition selection between two belts, and can fire the whole range of full and subcalibre 25 mm x ammunition.

With more than five thousand cannons delivered, the KBA is combat proven and is currently in service with numerous nations. The BK27 is a gas-operated automatic cannon with linked or linkless ammunition.

It combines low weight approx. With more than 3, systems sold, the BK27 is one of the most successful aircraft guns on the market. Combining high firepower and low weight, the KCA cannon is a gas-operated system with a linked feed system. It is qualified for installation in aircraft, and can also be used in ground-based air defence systems e.

20mm vs 30mm cannon

Easy to handle and highly reliable, the WOTAN30 can neutralize a wide variety of targets, making it the perfect choice for arming modern IFVs and other combat vehicles.

The KDC is the combat-proven, reliable workhorse of ground-based air defence. With more than 4, cannons delivered to date, it is in service worldwide. The KDC operates with a linkless ammunition system. Moreover, it is an extremely rugged weapon, insensitive to cold and adverse weather conditions.

It can be fieldstripped without special tools. The KDG revolver cannon is a gas operated cannon with a linkless feed system. It combines a high firepower with precise accuracy. The cannon is completely remote-controlled, the integrated fibre-optical sensor system supports the fully digital control of the cannon. The maintenance of the cannon is simple and the KDG has undergone extensive qualifications and complete life cycle firing tests.

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